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About Us

Let's get to know DooRae team members

"Health is the real wealth"

At DooRae, we bring healthcare to your doors. Your diagnosis experiences will be more seamless

yet efficient by being accurate, fast, and accessible. With hospital-grade check-up devices at our booths and experienced reliable doctors in all of our channels, not only will your sickness be cured,

but we will also offer health promotion or knowledge on how to keep being healthy.

Because DooRae knows that prevention is always better than any cure.

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Our Story

DooRae is a healthcare company that aims to make healthcare accessible to all

by offering a well-rounded ecosystem including clinic booths, telemedicine application, and website. We have been developing our company with trust in each and every hard working team member.


Because we believe that health is worth more than anything, no patient should have to take the risk because of the complications from trying to access accurate healthcare whether it is traveling a long distance, spending hours waiting,

or getting inaccurate results from virtual consulting.

Meet The Team

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Chulalongkorn University

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Chulalongkorn University


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