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Information on Booking a booster

Vaccines Booking through us, DooRae, will be referred to as GOKOO company who is our partner. The venue where the vaccination is held is  Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital. The vaccination is available from

Today to 31 December 2021.

Sinopharm vaccines that are available on our website are considered as The Embassy of The People's Republic of China's quota. You will be able to receive your vaccines right after the booking has been made according to your preferred date and time. The fee for 1 booster dose dose of Sinopharm vaccines will be 1,400 THB

*P.S. The registered information such as ID Number or Passport Number must be the same as the ID or Passport showed at the hospital as verification. DooRae and GOKOO have to reserve the rights for any unmatched identity or any transferred vaccines case.*

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Don't miss the opportunities!
Let's get your
immunity boosted
and go live your life


People who want to get a booster MUST

have already received 2 doses of vaccines

for at least:

3-6 Months: Sinovac, Sinopharm

7-8 Months: Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik

Why DooRae?


Why 1, 400 THB?

We can provide you vaccines within 2 days with your preferred date and time to fit in with your schedule.


As the services at the Thonburi Hospital are good, you will not have to go through a long waiting time.


Our Partner, GOKOO

The vaccines quota that DooRae has is from GOKOO Online Co. Ltd. which is a company based in China.


GOKOO owns a big one-stop service platform that provides carefully selected services such as GOKOO Delivery.


Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customers' demand by offering flexibility. From our past customers, the feedback is mostly positive and the satisfaction rate is high. 

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